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glow in the dark hockey puck - The World's Best


Play winter pond hockey without rink lighting for up to 8 hours of light. It’s THE GLOWPUCK from Hockeybotics! The GLOWPUCK is tough as nails and slides smoothly like a greased pig on hard and even snowpacked outdoor ice surfaces. Shoot this baby 5 feet deep into a snowbank... and you can still see it lighting the way.

Stop losing pucks in the dark - visible up to 1000 feet! Now that’s a slapshot!

Get your hands on a complete high visibility official GLOWPUCK starter kit. With our Glow in the dark hockey puck, you’ll be playing better ice hockey, day or night - even on black ice and in total darkness!


Facts & Features - Hockey was never so much fun!

  • Patent Pending design - made in Canada - home of great hockey pucks.
  • Specially low temperature formulated glow sticks provide light up to 8 hours.*
  • Adjustable helmet glow sticks available to help distinguish teammates.
  • Extra packets of Lucifer glow sticks available.
  • Less bounce on the ice than standard rubber pucks!
  • Makes a great Christmas Gift - Order now, and beat the rush!


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